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Energize your mind, your body and spirit

Remove what’s blocking you from your success and happiness. Reclaim your energy and enthusiasm and shine your LIGHT.

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  • Lili Ortiz, business owner, tenafly, NJ Release all the pain, anger and frustration I had inside of me and that I’ve been holding up for a long time. It helped me break energetic chains that I had with people and situations that were not allowing me to release those feelings. I worked on situations that made me feel sad and I had the opportunity to forgive myself for the things I knew I hadn’t done right in the past. Linda cleansed and aligned my Chakras to make sure my energy is flowing properly. I felt lighter, with no burdens to carry any more! It’s amazing how your body resents all the negative feelings and bad experiences from life. The Gate session helps you release all the ‘things’ that your body is holding inside. Thank you 
  • adrianna taeschler, creative coordinator, new york, ny Working with Linda has completely changed my life for the better in every way. From working a drab job I hated to being at a new job, fulfilling my dream of living in New York City in my own apartment, meeting great new people and having an awesome social life, and becoming a fitness teacher in a dance related class that I LOVE. Learning about energy, reiki and how to attract abundance in my life has made all the difference in living a positive, happy life and I only have Linda to thank for that!” Thank you!!
  • debbie werner, massage therapist, westwood, nj Linda, thank you so much for opening me up to The Gate.. The experience was cleansing, moving and lightning at the same time. I have never in my life felt the way I felt then and since. I am like a new improved person!! The lightness I feel as well as The confidence and clarity I feel is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced in my life!  It has also strengthen my personal relationships like you would not believe. Thank you, I can’t wait to do more with you!!! 

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